Thursday, July 31, 2008

el maga TONTO

....I just heard about it with my officemates thru GMA pinoy tv here last week and immediately double checked it in our inexpensive but internet capable laptop and mobile phones and, KABOOM! ,what we've seen was a real HEARTBREAKER!or,as MR.Jonathan "the butt" Romblon usually utters,"A dagger to the Heart!"....Unggoy!

What am i Talking about?

well,its the CEBU,ViCENTE SOTTO medical SCANDAL !(paksyet!)....

I dont usually give a damn talking too much about horrible events in our Homeland may it be politics,showbiz or sex related scandals 'coz its all but normal to our irregular Philippines system to come across such boo-boos.....its some kind of radical shift of pinas being one of the scandal capital of the world anyway(next to saudi arabia which is known for arab scandals, in fact,my officemate ron has it all,want some?)anyway,Going back...having the said scandal,if you are a Filipino working abroad as i do and you put your self out to somehow provide upliftment to our motherland,being patriotic as we are and as possible,make it known to other nationalities that we are respected being one of the most dominant and in-demand professionals around the world and that we are striving to be a better and united country in the future,THEN SUDDENLY,be struck with this gadammadafaka! disgraceful act of these Sanamagan cebuano doctors and nurses (i cant even imagine how they pased the board exam),well,SHIT!,its so annoying,frustrating,exasperating and moreso,painful to all of us FIlipinos here,if i may say!,WOW!c'mon man! I love our "Kababayan" Nurses and DOctors in fact my younger sis is a reg. nurse and who can ever substitute the tender care of my personal doctor here when i was recuperating from mild-dextrocoliosis and mild pneumonia here abroad?probably one in a dozen,coz she is a well respected Filipina doctor here in our Vicinity,she even keep me abreast to monitor my ailment to make sure that i'm safe and healthy when i go back home and reunite with my wife,kidz and family,....but these sanamagan DOCTORS and NURSES practically frustrates our already dwindling confidence!,its a SHAme!!!!!if i could only meet those brainless docs and nurses involved,i'll probably hoard their tiny brains in that perfume canister,hold,shake and throw it until it explodes out-and-out 'coz its terribly useless and definitely a nuisance on our social enfolds.

Sorry to say,But "WHERE HAVE ALL YOUR INTELLIGENCE GONE THAT DAY?! gadammadafakas!..worst,you even post your indignity on youtube?what a proud idiots!,in dismay,i personally hate your show.Instantly,you've overthrown the fame of the celebrated DANCING prisoners of your kababayans at the same time you simply opened the door for TERI Hatcher's vindication...(not to mention the waste you've left on the internet world )......Hoa!,i believe they are already facing litigations and disputes now2,but as far as i can remember what my prof. taught us in our civil law subject wayback i tried studying law,the worst punishment for them,which is striking out their names from the roll of professionals and administrative chastisement,shall not be enough!..if only i have a magic wand and decide on their fate,i shall wish for their exile in alcatraz 'coz my beloved philippines is too crowded for them...YOU suck DOC!...and that loud NURSE on video,go to hell you faggot! my mid fingers are probably made for you F***you!...maybe ,this is how some filipino can get so mad because of your shameless show ,u really annoyed us bastards!,at one point,i believe,i am not perfect myself to own a right bullshitting you but your act doesnt even speak about simple imperfections or what you call honest mistake where a sorry will do 'coz its not!precisely not! coz its a plain carelessness and stupidity on your part that no one can ever ruined the guts that we're fighting for here abroad and we purely hate your nuts!...say im over reacting but it saddens us here knowing we have professionals like you guys,disgusting!,if you are one of the culprit and you read this,dare to reply and ill give you a big trades of insults!,(wag lng inglesan at baka dudugo ilong ko,arkitekto po ako di doctor ngunit nirerespeto ko mga kliyente ko!)..dare or dare not!faggots!!....BWAKANANGNYO!...



EL HOMBRE said...

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