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Issue: whether or not continue law


As architect ,I have had enough sacrifices and torments during my 6 years plus 2 years of apprenticeship ,not to mention the “Madugong” board exam .As a matter of fact I still even have the scars . But as the old quote goes,” ALL MEN by Nature desire knowledge” :and so do i in studying Law...

But can I still make it n the College of LAW?.Paano naman kaya yung mga pagpapa “Xerox” ng scra, Ang PInakamadugong CASE digest na mano-mano, Unpredictable oral recitations na nakakapunit ng libro sa pghahanap ng madaliang sagot sa pagtayo,eye popping PAgbabasa at memorize ng batas na ewan kung bakit ang dame!,malulufeet na exams na pati penmanship pinapakialaman! ,night classes na la ng mahahalikan sa pag uwi dahil late na.worse! kaya ko pa kayang makipag inglesan Sa mga Prof. considering that im a bit exposed with the Arabic style of English language na kakaiba`(mantakin nyo!: do u prefer these or the other?- Me no like same same,is crazy him ,don’t shy,I afraid Tsk tsk tsk! ..Briliance!! .e ,Brilliant pala.SEE!).INshaalah I can pull through at wag dumugo ilong ko sa harap ni maam grace sa aking pagbabalik ..bahala na. kumbaga!.
Being an architect and teacher at the same time ,it is indeed additional burden if I’ll pursue law… it might cause my instant inefficiency as instructor in the long run.and worse, might turn out teaching students only to graduate as draftsmen rather than Architects.heck!.

But what about the over rated purse in legal profession?That goes without saying,it’s an additional gain. besides,it has always been my father’s prayer for one of his fruits become a lawyer to support the family ,thus, I believe I am the one left to make it happen 'cos all of my 3 sis are obviously contented with their status so much so that they cannot use my fathers Surname anymore. no supplement to my fathers dream kung di TANGCALAGAN ang nkasulat after ATTY. Hehe.SAHE wala LAh?!(peace Tols!). thus, I am the only one along for the ride to bring that famous ”bacon” home (bakit nga ba bacon ron?) : .

Furthermore,I am firm with my answer to Atty. grace tillah ‘s CLASSIC question of BAPTISM to freshmen at wmsu law.”WHY took up Law?”
that I did: “to intimidate my crook clients in my practice as architect from non-payment of my prof. fee. ” ,on top of it,my dire experiences that almost resulted my downfall as architect with my FORMER clients who dealt in bad faith begets my motivation in pursuit of deterrence“ ...ang babaw,but it’s what I wanted! :the 5 characters before my name.(on the 2nd thought pwede rin nga nman sa dulo,ryt Aubs?) .in contrary ,as my spouse’s contradicting statement:“ need not of another title coz we’re already stable n OK” my wife being a teacher herself. ,chix lng ata habol ko?” …Stiiirrrr!mag selos ba!.of course she was joking on the latter..…but her first statement make sense tho absolutely i am still zealous for law. ..Somehow, I believe “with HARDWORK,impossible is nothing”.

With this on my mind,im narrowly convinced to continue law in the next 1 or 2 years.I ‘ll be 3rd year by then and hopefully if I’ll survive ,keep going and finally try the BAR.InshaalaH.and while im here, might as well continue browsing some cases and facts in re: law.. its free anyway. Of course I wont neglect Architecture and teaching,. I love my job so much that I always want to upgrade myself just to share new ideas to my students and improve my design perceptions .,they say,”Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love” ..seemingly, I love architecture,teaching and lying….(wrong spelling, lawyering pala) by hook or by crook tuloy ang laban …di baleng sabay lahat yan…,Bahala na si batman.

WHEREFORE,. I faithfully pray for that impossible dream to happen, more importantly the capital A –T-T-Y period before my name! ...INSHAALAH! help me God.




EL HOMBRE said...

*While Carlos was approaching his car, he saw it being driven away by Paolo, a thief. Carlos tried to stop Paolo by shouting at him, but Paolo ignored him. To prevent his car from being carnapped, Carlos drew his gun, aimed at the rear wheel of the car and fired. The shot blew the tire which caused the car to veer out of control and collide with an oncoming tricycle, killing the tricycle driver.

a. What is the criminal liability of Carlos, if any? Explain.

b. What is the criminal liability of Paolo, if any? Explain.


Anonymous said...

a. There being no other practical and less harmful means of preventing Paolo from carnapping his car,Carlos is not liable for any crime.

b. Being the cause of tricycle drivers' death .Paolo is liable of murder although the wrongful act he did was different from that which he intended.

shaldz said...

a)Carlos may be held liable for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide for the death of the tryke driver. The means by which he tried to defend his right to property appears to have been excessive considering the time and place of the incident.

b)Paolo is obviously liable for carnapping. Also, applying Art. 4 of the RPC, he may also be held liable for homicide. No complex crime tho, bec. carnapping is penalized under a special penal law, while homicide under RPC.

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