Wednesday, September 24, 2008


..WOOOW!!!!..NICE TO BE BACK blogging YOW!!!!..HAHAHA…INAWAY NA NAMAN KASI AKO NI MISIS kaya naisip ko magblog ulit…lol

..IT ALL STARTED WITH A "FRIENDSTER" COMMENT/TESTIMONIAL I’VE POSTED FOR MY female LAWMATE A YEAR AGO .APPARENTLY,A STUDENT OF MY LOVELY WIFE WAS ABLE TO READ the said COMMENT just recently and  IMMEDIATELY REACHED TO MY LOVELY WIFE .TO MY WIFE’S surprise ( as i am imagining her yelling huwaaaaatttt???SHYEEETT!!! THAT FOOL!!!…).after she knew and read it,SHE COPY- PASTED THE COMMENT IN HER MOBILE PHONE AND LINK BY LINK SEND IT TO ME TRU TEXT MESSAGE…AND WITH IT,A DOUBT THAT I AM HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH MY CLASSMATE at law which is 8 yrs younger than me.…AMAZING RACE!!!!..MY COMMENT goes like this….(my cmment was originally in chavacano,translate ko na lng to tagalong to be easy..)

01/30/2007 4:33 am

xenxa na ,lang ibang magawa.kaw lang naisip ko wyl doin dis.Cant txt u rin kc ubos na unlitxt ...dnt knw if i shud go seryowz or wacky on dis testi but nontheless....dis s just 2 make ur every frenzter visit comendable!!!naks!(wus talking)
..mga boyz !!!kung ayaw nyong magpulot ng ngipin nyo sa daan u beter bak off this tiny mammal kung lolokohin nyo lng!dis gal is precious to me (so wat!! hehehe)
n she deserves som1 wul love her til i get back (hehehe,self-seeking ba!)..b4 i get mor corni...gudlak ralz in watever undertaking u hav n il always be a txt away if u tink u nid me!!!wag lang financial HEHEHEHe! (pwede ren,sabihin mo lng nang maaga.hehehehe)...ok na!!.pwede na at 2 oras nakong ngtetesti...take care always..txt kita kung nasa oman na ako padadalhan kita ng arabo.....bon apetit,bon voyage,pucha!! Lahat na ng bon isali mo na!!!OFF..

yan ang testi ko…IMAGINE!,nabasa ng misis ko yan!!sa unang tingin may mga naisulat nga ako na medyo careless..but honestly this comment just came out from our KAlokohan as a good friend and shall I say a brother and lil sister communication…the BABY was never our endearment because its actually what everybody calls her in their home and by some frenz because she’s the bunso and she’s too slim for her age that’s why many call her baby.the rest of the content were all out of foolishness.i’ve mentioned about she deserves to have someone till I get back coz I want to imply that I should be able to check her suitor first before they can court her coz again she was a lil sis to me and it is why after that statement I quoted to admit that im self-seeking coz its unsolicited…

My wife don’t wanna believe my reasons but Honestly…I never had an affair with my classmate and even to anybody ..but on the second thought,I totally accept the fact that there is a great reason for my wife to get jealous and even not try to talk to me until now (heheheh,binuko ko na!!) coz some of the content are circumstantial and misleading beyond the fact that it angers my wife because it was somebody who discovered it and it sprawled like a “kangkong” within her circle of friends WAPAAAKK!!!!…


RonTuron said...

anakanampucha!!! magagalit nga si gay nyan!!! hahahaha

ampota ka jay!!! ang flirt mo kasi e.. ndi mo ko gayahin! hahahaha

EL HOMBRE said...

FRIENDLY LANG PRE hinde FLIRT....hehehehehehe...hoonga e....guerang malupit.wahahahahah

JAJA NOBLE said...

at jan k 2loy nayari!wahahahahahahahah!lagot k!!!!

gay iris said...

Tell it to the generals,efren jay!
Kahit lamok,di na maniniwala seo!

中島美嘉mika said...

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