Monday, August 12, 2013

Sexy Blogger

I am into Blogging..Not so long ago, I was like a trigger happy blogger posting more than stupid things every week or two. It was the time where blogging hype is so high that only a new born child and those backward people in North Korea cannot comprehend the word “Blog. I just can’t stop blogging and blog-hoping back  then, it was actually far more important than my bathroom routine every night and day, love life too became a suspect….okay, let’s cut this paragraphin in “Love Life” its just too brooaaaddd if you know what I don’t mean….Let’s move forward.
….now forward to 2013,I would open my zipper more than doing a quick  peek at my blog…it’s just becoming so boring in blogosphere,Old friends and foes  are all in hiatus mode if not gone for good,active bloggers are already embracing the idea of radicalism  that I cant even catch up with the way they post ,newbies are so business minded that their blogs are more of income generating and not as pure and natural personal musing like we do before,I don’t even know now who’s the famous group of bloggers invading the public’s mind nowadays,is my favorite green pinoy website still around?my laziness cant even check if it is…Boring as it may,but  BLOGGING always hounds me whenever im connected to net..i would always see to it that I often type “Klasrum ni Pajay” at google’s search engine and check out if it would come out in the search results which of course and deceivingly surprised that I know it would.i just actually wanted to check my involvement in the web, that’s the only purpose…”don’t be rude , I know you do this  more often than I do...checking our website on google is plain NORMAL to all of us  once in a lifetime feeling famous bloggers”:P
When I remember that I once joined the chaotically joyful atmosphere of blogging,I would always comeback and write something and throw it down the DRAFT section and leave it there for centuries…But bottomline,I always cant forget that I am a blogger anytime  I want.Once a blogger always …uhmmm….arrrrrhhh….Lazy.That’s all Sir.
Okay enough na sa English written blog post..naalala ko lang actually ang topic ng blogging nung panahong pinadugo ng Briton sa IELTS exam ang bayag ko sa speaking test..Pangarap ko ang Band 9 na grade kaya blogging ang ginamit kong topic para kunwari madami akong alam at masabi.…so ayun…excerpt lang to ng examination ko kaya……lagyan nyo ng konting slang pag binabasa para makatotohanan..owayt?


jep buendia said...

haha guilty ako dun sa sini-search ang sariling blog sa google para naman ma-feel mo na part ng kung ano mang meron sa internet ang blog mo lols :)

Dhianz said...

oh em gee ur back!!! ang aking sexy kuyahhh... woohoo... lol... btw nosebleed ahh... lolz... yeahh me too been lazy... nde tulad non na so adikted... kuyah... email moh? #? moh? address moh? lolz... feeling koh walah akong kontakz sau... nde koh nga alam saang lupalop ka naroroon ngaun ehh... anyhoo... itz so nice to see that you have a post! you are one of my fave bloggers here ever! yeahhhh... much love kuyah... miss kitah... ingatz lagi po and Godbless!

RJ said...

Nakaka-relate talaga ako sa post na 'to. Bakit kasi tumigil tayo sa pagba-blog, honestly, inaabangan ko pa rin ang cartoon drawing mo, Prof, ng mga bloggers na naka-formal attire.

Nami-miss ko ang blogging, busy lang talaga sa university these days. Buti nalang may FB note, doon ako minsan nagsusulat.

Thumbs up ako sa atake mo sa blogging, so nakuha ba ang band 9?

Anonymous said...

oh em gee nag-update ka pah... tas mawawala ka ren naman palah! =P


desza said...

I am also one of those "bloggers" who eventually hibernated to the extent that I am not posting anything anymore. haha! Pero sa totoo lang, everytime na sisilipin ko ang mundong ito kung saan ko natagpuan dati ang panandaliang kaligayahan, saka ko narerealize na grabe! super namiss ko ang blogosphere! Lalo na ang kulitan sa mga kapwa bloggers. Sana bumalik ulit yung dati. Sana bumalik ulit ako sa dati. hihi :)

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